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Portland is its own unique microcosm of this trend, now known as the Silicon Forest—home to Intel employees, Silicon Valley transplants, and a vast array of startup companies focused on the booming tech market. Various Portland-based photographers, travel writers, food critics, and brand strategists have drawn thousands of followers by simply posting perfectly curated pictures of their eggs, babies, and Eames chairs. These elements of relative local culture have attracted young people to visit and move here in droves, and FernDate is precisely the nexus where the impact of technology meets the individual.

R adafshar herself arrived here from Berkeley more than seven years ago and is thus familiar with rapidly changing urban and cultural landscapes. The two have been happily married for several years now and are raising a son somewhere in Middle America. But Radafshar saw a need for something, and seized an opportunity to help others help themselves, recognizing that, for some, our self-worth as individuals would become undeniably wrapped up in our online persona. But what to make of the lowlights? Radafshar is not in the business of biting off more than she can chew, and thus employs a somewhat stringent screening process for those seeking out her guidance.

And, as an honest salesperson would, she wants to maintain genuine confidence in the product she is putting out into the world. For instance, during the election, Radafshar worked closely with a Trump supporter to find him a church-going gal, revamping his profile in search of a nice, conservative wife—ostensibly to go and bear his Trump-supporting progeny.

He remembers a time when meeting at a bar resulted in exchanging landline numbers and even speaks of OkCupid as an artifact of a bygone era.

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In fact, she has a near-mathematical equation for which photos to include and where to put them within the series of swipes. Clients tend to be satisfied with their pictures and quite a few will upgrade their service in order to receive style advice from Radafshar. Elaine, 52, recently enlisted Radafshar for dating advice and has often ended up hearing strong opinions about her shoe choices.

A successful, self-possessed, and attractive filmmaker, Elaine had difficulty understanding why she was getting little to no response to her dating profiles and resorted to a Fern consultation with some reservations.

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She had previously had lukewarm responses from local branding services and was not entirely sure she wanted to invest in taking advice from someone substantially younger than herself. She has seen immense improvement in the response to her online profile since working with Radafshar for the last month. Sure, I dabbled when the app first came out and went on the occasional OkCupid date, but the majority of my romantic encounters involved casual sex with people I met at bars whose attractiveness ran corollary to my drunkenness.

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How would she encourage me to present myself? Would she make my possessiveness look cute and my poverty look bohemian?

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Suite , Portland, OR Feature Oct 4, But Does It Work? You might also be interested in these: Newsletters Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events. Mercury Ticketing Buy tickets to events around Portland. She gave me incredibly useful advice and I definitely trust her professionalism and eye for connections. You should definitely check out her services and get to know her. Go to her website jhinckleyintroductions. To say that Noreen, the owner of Cara Matchmaking, is passionate about helping people connect would be a massive understatement. She is obviously in this business because if she tried to do any other work, she would still be doing matchmaking.

There is something incredible about talking to a person who immediately sees your best qualities and helps you see and appreciate those qualities like you never had before.

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My self confidence rose a few notches as soon as our conversation started. Cara is located in southern Maine, but many of her clients are from Portland and even as far north as Waterville. She works with two major groups of people: Those in their late 20s and 30s who are looking for a good match and also those starting to date after a divorce or long-term relationship. She is the perfect partner-in-dating for people who are shy or have a hard time dating.

Her bubbly personality makes it easy to talk, and connecting with her means connecting with dozens of potential partners. She adds a real ease to any communication and acts as a catalyst for getting to know someone. She often goes on group dates with clients to help break the ice and make conversation easier and more fun.

And she is definitely fun!

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She has a great network of clients who are interesting and have a wide variety of interests and personalities. Noreen talks passionately about how she works with clients, she asks them to trust the process and take their time to find love. Her service, like J Hinckley Introductions, is a full-year membership service. Although we live in a world of instant gratification and movies on demand, things like love take time.

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Working with a matchmaker allows you to take a deep breath and focus on your own life and passions — while a professional helps you add a great relationship to an already rich life. Local Flames is a completely different company. Erin Oldham, who owns Local Flames, is a fiery and gorgeous woman who wears her relationships both successful and failed on her sleeve.

She assumes that an individual is the best expert on themselves and on what they need and love. She and her team then create situations that bring out the best in each person and provide the space to make authentic connections.

J Hinckley Introductions

Erin said it perfectly: Imagine walking into a room with great live music and dancing and knowing everyone in the room was single. She found people were more comfortable making authentic love connections and having great conversation when they were doing something they loved. They take many different approaches to matchmaking. They create custom events based on the interests of their clients, they invite a group of single people to already existing events, they do more traditional one-on-one matchmaking and relationship coaching.

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Whatever your dating style is, they will tailor fit an experience for you. Also — make some recommendations on what you would like to do? What do you love to do?