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Comment by Bogdan — September 21, 2: But whatever I say is a general observation based on what I felt and is not intended to be a statement about all Romanians. In general, I found the younger men sensual in an earthy and sexy way, potent and virile. In general,however, people seem to think nothing of talking over each other and simply raise the volume to get there point across. Men, in particular, have powerful [sexy] voices that can drown out others and can sometimes sound aggressive to a non-Romanian.

One of the earlier bloggers mentioned a tendency towards sadness.

What I like about Romanians, what I don’t like about Romanians | michaelbirdjournalist

I noticed this too. There would be great tears and venting of feelings on hearing of some bad news or events that have befallen a fellow countryman. Of course, we all feel that, but I have never seen such outpourings of grief and sadness. There seems to be great empathy for fellow Romanians and passionate defence of their country folk. Real male respect for women seems to be pretty rare. They talk a lot about women being stronger, admiring them blah! God forbid if the boot was on the other foot. No one is denying that things happen, people hook up, mistakes get made and people betray others — but over and over again?

As well as all the usual rubbish about it meaning nothing. His automatic assumption was that I was a jealous clingy girlfriend. Somehow I think the key to all this lies somewhere in the relationship with the mother and father,like all things!! When I first visited Romania I have to say I was shocked by the amount of looking after that Romanian women do. I like to look after my man as much, if not more, than the next woman. But in Romania it seemed completely expected that clothes would be washed, food would be cooked, beds would be made, spare socks and pants would be bought, hair would be combed!

All of this was done automatically. When I tried to discuss it with my boyfriend, he feigned annoyance with it all, claimed he wanted to be independent and then got his mum to pour him a glass of juice from a bottle that was about 5 metres away! Sons really did seem to be treated like princes. He said he was too weak to be able to take any responsibility for himself, despite being nearly And so sadly all that great attraction, passion and interest died! I wonder how Romanian woem cope. They seem pretty tough and sexy in their own right, so that might explain things! I think that things are going to get really interesting with this generation and the ones that follow.

Comment by Brit Gal! I worked at a hotel that employed many Romanians and on the arrival of the first Romanian girl, I was totally stunned, she was absolutely beautiful, everything a guy could ever want. She has an expectation that men just want someone to chain to the stove and make babies. I think the Romanian women who do tolerate abusive, misogynist men owe some blame that this traditional behavior is continuing.

I realize that there needs to be a lot of changes in law and culture before Romanian women can enjoy the freedom of independence, but it has to start somewhere, even if that means importing an American husband. Comment by Fritz — September 24, 3: Am American man has nothing and i mean nothing to give to a true Romanian woman. A Romanian woman needs someone who can tenderly and lovingly take control and make her feel protected.

With your attitude i guarantee you wont last even one day in a Romanian ghetto you are nothing but a provider. Once your girl meets a misogyinistic male that chains her to the stove she will feel like a real woman the woman she was supposed to be and if you cant give her that i will or if she is in the USA most likeky a Puerto Rican or black man will. Peace my brother but dont think you will last too long.

Comment by cujoluv — June 9, 5: Comment by john — June 10, Makes men think women want to be treated like crap. He expects me to cook, clean and take care of his kid I have a full-time job too. He wants to be able to tell me what to think, what to do, what my likes and dislikes are. He had told me plenty of times that the only people in our family that matter are him and his kid. He is totally blameless in his opinion.

Comment by anon — September 29, Its always him him him and not me me me. Maybe just maybe if you knew him knew what he likes what turns him on what to cook for him when he comes home how to truly satisfy him you wouldnt be in that situation. I stick to my fellow latinas and it works for me they always know how to satisfy a man. If you dont know how to cook well suck dick well or be passionate might as well date another bland ass American male such as yousrelf.

Foreigners, both men and women are regarded as exotic and likely to? Pingback by Christian dating - Dating a Romanian? Romanian Survival Book Dating information on dating — October 7, 4: Pingback by Internet dating - Romania. View topic - Romania Dating Dating information on dating — October 8, 6: I live in the U. S And I married a Romanian man. We have been married 4 months and we dated a year. I have a child of 10 years old.

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It has turned into a nightmare……… I have to pay all living cost and I cant go nowhere and only can talk to my family on the phone. My son loves him but is starting to be afraid to come home from school. He said he wants to save all the money from the child support because he says he is raising him he is I dont mind cooking cleaning and I can even put up with paying the bills but, He is mad that he has to pay health insurance not much on me and him.

When I tell him That this is life, he says he is not just working to pay bills. When he went buy milk , it was a big deal for him. The bills I have are just living cost,I dont have no credit cards are nothing lke that. We never talked about rent because I assumed it would be half! But when my son wanted to go to the movies with his friends he blew up. He said I was wasting my money…. I try not to think like this but….. And I hear Romanian men are great lovers????? The sex has Stop, Its like a duty for him. I have to say that I love him but everything I do is wrong and he makes sure that I see it his way.

When we are not Fighting its great but We fight 6 days a week and I have to see it his way before its finished. Money is the problem! He thinks our checks should be saved….. We have to live and buy food…. Comment by Virginia — October 10, 5: Comment by Bogdan — October 11, 2: Comment by nickj — November 1, 6: Just as reply to the post where is stated that Romanian are not Latins: The Thracian genealogical tree counts over tribes, of which the most important ones are those of the Dacians, the Getae, the Ramantes people, of the Besins the metallurgists , of the Latins, etc.

The fights between Trajan and Decebalus were fratricidal wars, and the Thracians were Dacians. Pelasgian people, founders of modern Europe. Of late, more and more researchers have been of the opinion that the cradle of the old Europe is the Carpatho-Danubian space Marija Gimutas , while P. From this point the western and south-western border of the Pelasgian -Thracian space follows the shore of the Adriatic Sea, the entire western shore of the Balkan Peninsula and reaches as far as Crete. Comment by Off Topic — November 2, 7: Comment by sexy — November 11, 4: I had a relationship with a romanian guy and everything here is true!

Comment by Ana Maria — March 24, Comment by DinamoSteauaRapid — January 16, 3: I am an English woman and have been living with a Romanian man for 4 months now and we intend to marry this year. My man is loving and giving, kind and thoughtful, is happy to cook and clean whilst us both having our own space, time and friends. There have been a few cultural differences but we have learnt to overcome these by talking and understanding each other.

I dont think people should generalise which men of a particular country are good or bad because there is good and bad in every race in this world. I could say that all english men are pigs, which they are not, I was just unfortunate enough to meet the ones who were!! Comment by Shell — January 2, Many of the comments on here match my experience. We first emailed, then talked on the phone and finally met. Each time we interacted I felt more and more attracted to him. Compared to American men on average, he smokes more, cusses more, and expresses his opinions more unapologetically.

I have to say that he does not treat me as well as the average American man, but his different cultural viewpoint makes him fascinating, never boring. He has told me that many American women have thrown themselves at him after only knowing him 2 days. Maybe in Romania, he would be the norm. He is one of the smartest and attractive men I have ever known. I do prefer smart, shorter men with dark hair and eyes. Because of the age difference, I never thought he could be truly mine as a boyfriend or husband.

Eventually, we started a sexual relationship and I have loved it. He is a good lover, but I have also had good American lovers. One difference, though, its all about him. He loves to be massaged and I will usually massage and scratch him for at least 30 minutes.

He has never offered to do the same for me and I have never asked. I would marry him in an instant, but that will never happen. He is very secretive and carefully keeps me separate from his Romanian friends. I have only met one of his friends and never been in his apartment. We rarely go out. Comment by TLC — January 6, 1: You are a sweetheart. Let him know what you feel about him and he might change a little. I am a romanian male grew up in USA but very much identify with Romania since i spent about 14 years of my life there. I am very much like what you describe as your man however i prefer an open relationship with a woman ,if she comes out and communicates my shortcomings to me i would only appreciate her more and even improve myself to make sure she is truly satisfyed.

As a male he should not be so secretive to someone he likes unless he has other women waiting around. As far as going to Romania it is truly a shock maybe in a good or bad way for a westerner. It might open your eyes up or it might fill you up with rage and hatred. Reading your post most likely you will enjoy it. Make sure you visit the Black Sea please go in the summer ,Mamaia is beautiful ,Costinesti also to see young people or go to the Carphatian Mountains visit Sinaia Brasov go to Sibiu and Sighisoara.

Comment by cujoluv — June 9, 6: Comment by CC — January 8, 9: If a Romanian girl grows up and sees macho promiscous men as the norm then she will naturally seek out that type of man or be attracted to those types continuing the cycle,its human nature. Short-term the unknown might be attractive but long-term it is very hard to break away from your conditioning. Comment by sonny — January 13, 8: I need some ideas. How much do Roumanian women tell lie? Can you make such a generalization? My question is serious.

Is it a kind of habit? And, can a Roumanian girl let herself be known to some person almost totally different from her real personality? They all do really believe in god normally. And can a Roumanian girl swear on very important things, like parents, for a lie? Is this a kind of normal behaviour?

Comment by Rode Buckley — January 14, My answer to you is go pray to Allah for a higher IQ than come back and ask the same questions without retarded child syndrome. Now I have a friend thinking of dating a Romanian lady in his workplace. I think he should find out if she has a hidden dark side or not. Good for him if she is a nice girl. Comment by Judy — January 17, Yet another prejudiced bunch of stereotypes which cast doubts on the balance of the OP. Perhaps one needs to consider that Romanians dislike being stereotyped as much as any other nation.

Frankly the prejudice and shallowness of such generalizations is nauseating. Comment by anonymous — January 28, 3: I have been seeing a romanian girl here in the uk and have got to know a few of her friends. Unfortunatly for me i fell in love with her and all she has ever done is mess me around! She has a partner that she said she was only staying with because there was money tied up that she didn t want to loose. She said she didn t love him all the way through the time i have been with her.

Yet she casually said after being seeing each other for a year that actually she does love him and doesn t love me. She has done this on five occasions now dropping me like a sack of shit. I treated her better than i have ever treated anyone i worshiped the ground that she stood on. Yet this is not enough and it seems that she would prefer to spend a life of misery with her boyfriend who cheats on her all the time and treats her like dirt.

They have a funny idea about cheating as if it is ok to cheat. Why would you want to be with a lying scum bag that beats her up and cheats on her. Anyway this girl has destroyed my life. She is actually no better than her lying cheating boyfriend. This was not only just her and her boyfriend doing this but all of them all her mates were at it especially the females.

They just use you for what they want then throw you away when you are of no use anymore to them! I gave up a really good girl because of the lies this girl told me!! Comment by Dave V — February 2, I am a new comer to this site — I am 51 and intend to travel to Romania in March. Comment by Ralph — February 6, 2: Have a good trip. You sound too desperate.

You follow my advice and whatever advices Dr. Phil may have dished out over the years, and who knows, you may get lucky. Comment by pappy — February 12, 6: This stems from the British Common Law. Stop making the Romanians look like we are the worst kind. Look outside the box and admit the fact that what you are describing, throughout this entire blog, is that the human nature has an ugly side. Comment by pappy — February 13, 8: Pappy, I am really astonished that after several months of abandoning this blog people comment with so much passion.

I do appreciate that and I also appreciate your view. I am not taking back though what I have written. I am Romanian myself, so I think I have the right to be bitter or not with my fellows. However, if you have a different opinion, go ahead and write more here. Comment by darian — February 13, 9: Comment on Dating a Romanian by pappy — February 13, Do you think someone is gonna come and clean up your shit after a while…!

I guess I expect you although is not fair to be more objective or even make an attempt to make a disclaimer, such as: I feel like… shit, I sound like a shrink, but you get the idea , as you splurge in your verbal diarheea. Otherwise, this whole blog will join and will invite so many people full of hatred who would do it just to get off. What are talking about? Do you like play on words, or something? What am I indulging in? Comment by pappy — February 13, Pappy, or whatever is your name …you take yourself too serious.

Find something useful to do or star your own blog. Comment by darian — February 13, Sorry if you feel like I stole the limelight from you. You should listen to yourself more. Yes, there are some things that I am passionate about: I make no apologies for that. I was just recently involved with a Romanian male and it has had to be the worst experience of my life. In the beginning he pursued me, then obsorbed all of my time, and basically moved himself in my house. After a while I got used to him being around all the time, and really started enjoying his companionship. However, he was extremely secretive.

Even though he had these flaws, I still fell in love with him, because he had or so I thought a very sweet and sensitive side. I did find out that he was a liar and a cheat pretty quickly. When he lived with me he did not help at all financially and was working construction. However, the construction jobs seemed to be few and far in between. He would basically play on the internet all day.

I later found out that he was pursuing Romanian women online. We went on vacation to Southern California we live in Northern California and I had him drive my car back up north, because I had to stay down south for a meeting. From the moment he picked me up from the airport, I knew something was different with him. He left my house with my car to go run errands and he left his cell phone on the dining room table.

It rang and I had this overwhelming compusion to look at his text messages. One of the nights I was down down south, he stayed down there to meet up with a Romanian woman he met online. Then he was desperately pleading with her to let him spend the night at her house. She was extremely disgusted and it showed through in her text messages. She told him that it was inappropriate and that she just met him. Apparently, they met at a bar and he had a lot to drink. Then the next day he was begging her to go out to eat with him. I was so hurt, because he told me he loved me and pretty much had all my friends and family convinced that he loved me too.

I confronted him when he came home and he was livid that I found out about his secret. Then in the middle of my work day he text messaged me and told me that he moved out. I was completely shocked and so was everyone else who knew us, because we really got along well and he really acted as though he loved me. From that point on, it was the beginning of the end. My intuition told me to start doing some digging on the internet and I that is when I found out he had been pursuring other women on the internet. She finally told him to delete her number and email address.

Her advice to me was never to date Romanian men. She said that she does not date Romanian men, because of the way they treat women. Comment by Blondie — February 14, 6: After a while I got used to … […]. Comment on Dating a Romanian by Blondie — February 14, 8: It is deja vu in reading the above comment on dating Romanian men. Your story is so similar to mine. I dated and married a Romanian man. I too was 10 years older and everyone family and friends thought he was a wonderful person and that he loved me; however, this turned into a nightmare.

Family was off limits…ditto much above.

November 21, 2006

He would work but spent most time on the internet playing games and I found searching for other women. The way he speaks and his treatment of his women of his past is awful. I didnot find this out until it was to late.

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Committment and honesty is far from his tongue. Selfish and self-centered and lacks integrity and character. Comment by Jazze — February 14, 3: Comment by Blondie — February 14, Here are my opinions: They are possessive and jealous creatures. Absolutely no core values when it comes to respecting their partner………do they even consider a woman a partner??? I mean seriously…the gym started being a fashionable thing not too long ago in Romania….

BUT God forbid the woman gains a pound! These are my main observations. Comment by Roxana — February 15, 4: Comment by jo — December 17, 2: Comment on Dating a Romanian by Roxana — February 15, 7: I am a romanian guy an proud of it, am abroad doing a gap year, and I can tell you one thing: Comment by Bogdan — February 18, 3: We are so very,very happy together. I live here in Romania Bucharest and we are getting married in just a couple of months.

Never once has he ever treated me badly. How can you say this??? There are evil people everywhere in this world and believe me even in good old USA. I have never had anything but kindness and respect from every Man, Women and child in Romania and I think this Blog is just so unfair. We are not rich but we are happy because we have each other and everything we need. I think what you people are saying about Romanian Men is just wrong you should be ashamed of yourselves. I Love my Romanian Man and he loves me and comes home every night and the firt thing he does is kiss me and ask how my day has been.

My Romanian man is loving and giving, kind and thoughtful and I thank God each and every day for bringing us together. Comment by Susan — June 30, Comment by Habiba — December 31, 3: Comment by britgal — February 18, 7: You are probably everything you say you are even though you poorly express it, as brit gal says…thanks girl! What can I say…force over intellect. Comment by Roxana — February 18, Were they all Romanian, too.

Comment by pappy — February 19, 1: Comment by Ana Maria Vasilescu — March 25, 8: Comment by jennifer — February 19, 3: Thank you Jennifer, you are so right. My Romanian man is so wonderful to me and shows me so much love even after a very long hard day at work. I also Love my Romanian with all my heart and soul: Comment by Susan — June 30, 1: Comment on Dating a Romanian by britgal — February 19, 8: Comment on Dating a Romanian by jennifer — February 19, 8: So if you say you never met a romanian man who was any different I have to ask where have you been hanging around and with who?

Spune-mi cu cine umbli ca sa-ti spun cine esti peace out!: Comment by Bogdan — February 19, 4: Bogdan, As far as I am concerned…. I am not and never will be politically correct…no point in it as far as I know. Now back to your still misguided comments….. I think you completely misunderstand the meaning of a blog. We write here not be objective and be politically correct….. No hatred here towards Romanian men…. I know plenty of Romanian men…. For those who are truly in love and happy together….

I wish you well…. Comment by Roxana — February 19, 7: Comment on Dating a Romanian by Bogdan — February 19, 9: I do not like to generalize people by ethnicity, color, age or sex. Yes, I do have three children from a prior 12 year marriage not that it is any of your business, but their father is part of their life ; however, that marriage has nothing to do with the experience that I previously wrote about.

I was treated wonderfully and was very much in love with a Romanian male, but he changed overnight. It was heart wrenching and painful. Comment by Blondie — February 19, Anyways, enjoy life and take it easy! Comment by pappy — February 20, 5: Or was I not suposed to feel insulted?! Or did you make that decision after him? And if you say you were around good people how come all of the men were so horrible? Comment by Bogdan — February 20, Not to mention, I was completely respectful to you and you could not return the same courtesy.

Which leads me to belive that you are probably one of those people who can only have virtual relationships, because no one would want to be around you in the real world. You need to go back through and read through my blogs. It is funny how you state that Roxana and I are bitter, hypocrytical women, but you are the one who displays all the bitterness and neanderthal type behavior. Comment by Blondie — February 20, 6: I will not leave any stone unturned, but you imply that Roxana has been with many Romanian men. I would like to know where you get this information?

How can you make these kind of assumptions?

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  • Additionally, you were also trying to knock me by having three children from a 12 year marriage. You are certainly judgmental, self-righteous and crass. Comment by Blondie — February 20, 7: He knew my opinion about Romanian men, yet still did what he did. Both of you have a lot of nerve to directly insult specific persons without knowing them. I also mentioned in my blogs that there are exceptions and I wish them the best. But hey…obviously some people have selective reading.

    How To Make A Romanian Man Fall In Love - Hidden Knowledge Strategy

    Next time read everything as a whole, and try to refrain yourself from implying or stating insults directly addressed to a specific person. Comment by Roxana — February 20, 7: Roxanna, It sound like the word of the day is: You feel insulted because I called you a whore, and I feel insulted because you called the Romanian men whores.

    If you can dish it out, you should be able to take it as well. Read your own entry It sure sounds like you know how to dish it out…. Blondie, I am not that dumb to tell you anything about my life. Comment by pappy — February 21, So, as pappy said: Comment by Bogdan — February 21, 3: Comment by Roxana — February 21, 7: I must say, this has been quite an interesting read. While I agree with the people bitching about the generalizations of Romanian men, I also see the stand point of several people writing about bad experiences.

    Yes generalizations are bad and get thrown around way too easily, like saying all asian people look alike. Yes, everyone knows not everyone of a specific ethnicity is going to be the same as the next. But no one seems to take offense to these generalizations, just the bad ones. And on that note…. I know 2 different romanian girls. One that lives in suceava, and one that lives in cluj. They are both beautiful, both kind, both in college. The girl in suceava could probably drink me under the table, seems down to earth and not much for the traditional way of life.

    The other girl could probably quote every line of the bible to me, is very religious and very much for the traditional way of life. And last but not least, sexually speaking, romanians get freaky right? Comment by joshin — February 29, 7: Comment by Bogdan — March 3, 3: Joshin, whats the name of the girl you know in suceava? I know a girl that lives there too.

    Anyway, this as an interesting article… im waiting to see what my girl says about the romanian guys to see if its true or not though. Comment by josh — March 7, 3: Comment by Henry Marinescu — March 17, 5: What do i need to know about visiting romania? Living in America I am sure I have seen alot of stuff that happens everywhere robbery, pick pockets, bribery, etc. Is it kinda the same situation there? Am i supposed to like go from the airport to the local police station and bribe a chief or something? Comment by josh — March 25, 3: Comment by Lee — April 27, 6: Thank you for the post with the different perspectives offered.

    Comment by Hope — May 4, 6: I currently live in Ramnicu-Valcea as an exchange student from New York, and from what I have seen for the past… I think 8 months, it seems like the guys are quite macho yes, and they will wait for any girl to make the first move cause from ehat I have seen — guys are more centered around sex more than anything really. This blog is quite true, but I would just like to add that boyfriends are like toys to girls, and many of the young people in Romania are more focused on being with someone as a social status and somewhat as a possesive… each person in the relationship, from what I have seen from being in Ramnicu-Valcea, makes the relationship seem like something that needs to be noteworthy and everyone should know about what the guy buys for the girl, and how good the girl is in bed.

    But overall, I do agree that Romanian women are quite beautiful then the men, although it seems like they look slightly unhealthy because of how thin they really are and trying to be the european model type. Comment by Ashley — May 7, 5: Hmm I found this to be an interesting read of the need for humans to categorize everything that they see. I feel a strong pull to Romania as my grandmother was Romanian, well at least partly. She was Romanian gypsy, mixed with Cherokee Indian. Hows that for a combination? Despised in Europe and in America, yet at peace with my heritages and cultures.

    I can still be proud of myself and who I am. I have two children that I have since raised alone. I do not feel like I should denounce nationality, ethnicity, color, or womanhood purely based on the fact that she was wrong and hurt me. Good women are found everywhere. Every nationality, size, shape, color and religious background.

    Men are also the same. If it is of any concern to the subject matter I am a us male who is not boring, or to conservative. This is of course just my observations, and thoughts on the matter. I am sure that it will upset someone some where lol. Comment by Al — May 26, 8: It is a general characteristic of the Romanias.

    And yes, he is my ex boyfriend and we broke up in a very civilised manner.

    Single men from Romania seeking for Marriage

    And the generalisation that Romanian men are like they depicted them is a false one. I am really sorry that you had the misfortune of dating those men-and that they were Romanian-but I guess it was just a mere coincidence. Ona different note, I have to say that I am very proud with the progress that Romania is going through. And to let all the people that wanna go and visit Romania know that it is a very nice place to visit, with a lot of history and a lot of interesting scenery. And go and visit Bucharest! After travelling all over the world, I still think it is one of the most fascinating cities in the world!

    You can;t miss that! You will love it! Every piece of it! And yes, Romanian women are very beautiful, you will feel like you are watching a catwalk!

    But so are the men! So be prepared to fall in love! It happens to almost everyone that visited Romania! Comment by eva — July 11, 7: I just want to say thanks for your comments about Romanians; for articulating the fact that Romanians and our culture are worth knowing. Comment by papppy — July 13, This page is great, thanks! Comment by Helvete — July 22, 6: Comment by — July 22, 7: I am a Romanian woman in my mid-twenties who lives in the US.

    After reading this, I can say that there are some characteristics that both Romanian men and women consistently have. The three I have found to be most common are: I do have to say that I am shocked how Romanian men are portrayed. I do not know how they are over in Romania as I do not reside there, but I do know a lot here in the US that are well-rounded and decent.

    Sure, they still have some common characteristics, but they know how to treat a woman and some are in loving and caring relationships. Perhaps a lot has to do with how they were raised. Some of you make it sound like they are horrible creatures that give men a bad name. I will agree that there are some like that in this world, but there across all cultures. In regards to how attractive they are. Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder.

    Romanian Dating Culture: What You Must Know

    I know some ugly looking men and vice versa in all cultures. Now here comes the tough question to answer. Would I marry a Romanian man? Although I do find Romanian men attractive and have many traits I like, I do not think I would be happy based on the experiences and interactions I have had. Mostly our personalities would clash. I am also a self-sufficient woman and raised in the American culture so I wonder how that would pan out for some of you Romanian men.

    Probably not well given how the Romanian culture is. Nevertheless, based on what I have read from everyone, I do not have to worry about them hitting on me as I have undesirable qualities. Oh well, there goes another Romanian women to an American male…lol. Btw…I did read an article about men in Romania having to take a domestic violence class before they could get married.

    Come on guys, what is up with that? Just so you know, that is NOT a desirable quality we women look for in men. At least not me. Comment by Ann — July 25, 7: I think in many respects the culture differences and communication aspects are very difficult to overcome. A relationship like that requires a lot more nurturing due to these added elements. Comment by pappy — July 25, 6: But anyway yes, I agree that culture differences can be hard to overcome and sometimes impossible.

    I do find it interesting that you mention 2nd generation in. I still do stand by what I said. Or the first generation born in the States. Comment by pappy — July 29, I have studied in Philadelhia and I am back to Europe — those American women are frigid like hell, excatly because they get used to guys like you!!! Romanian girls are just awesome.

    In every one week trip I did 3 so far I did got at least three awesome fun, positive, crazy and sexually bombastic girls. It is still to be born a better breed of sexual man who can overcome the Portuguese Sweet Macho Man. Comment by cristiano ronaldo — August 1, 3: Well to my disgrace I was married to a Romanian guy.

    I do not recommend anyone to marry one, they are better off marrying another Romanian. They seem to have a drinking problem. Yes, they are cheaters, steal your money, liars and cynical. At first they are the best thing that ever happened to you, but after they have you in their hands their true self comes out. Be very careful ladies, think twice before you get into a relationship. Comment by Elizabeth Pascu — October 7, 5: Narcissists alot of them! Liars, cheaters with zero empathy.

    I pray for the women in Romania. Comment by Sonya — April 2, Page Tools Email to a friend Printer format Romanian bridegrooms will have to take a three-day course to deter them from beating their wives under new laws to come into force next year. National statistics on domestic violence published this year revealed that many men regarded a marriage licence as permission to beat their wives. Romania is under pressure to push through social reform as a condition of accession to the European Union in Next year, about , prospective couples will be eligible for the course.

    While it will focus on telling men that it is illegal and wrong to attack their wives, women will also be told that they do not have to tolerate beatings and will be taught about their rights. Advertisement AdvertisementOfficials estimate that more than , children under the age of 14 have had to watch their mother being beaten. Only one woman in five seeks help. Dr Gabriela Kubinski, who runs a shelter at a textiles factory, said the classes were unlikely to do more than scratch the surface of the problem.

    Comment by pappy — October 9, 7: Comment by alison — October 10, 7: It is funny to me that people say generalizations can not be made about people. Comment by Isea — October 26, Comment by Michelle — August 2, 1: I would normally be all over your comments about your Romanian experiences and those generalizations, but I am more concerned about your cries for help. Whether you meant to say it or not, what I infer from your statement that you have nothing to live for is that you thought of ending your life has crossed your mind maybe I am out to lunch….

    There is a living God, and there are many of His servants all around you and your area; look for a church or for a counselling office. You have to look outside your box!!! All the best, and think of others in your life that truly love you before you do anything irreparable. Comment by pappy — October 27, 5: I am so appreciative of your regard for Isea. I apologize for the late response, but I have just arrived. Comment by Paula Storm — January 4, 3: Comment by spanky — October 28, 6: Sounds like a very interesting concept!

    I want make the best use of my sympathy ring I have a nice fresh joke for you people How can you tell if a planet is married? It has a ring around it. Comment by Arrapeoravy — November 2, Hi I have a Romanian friend i just met and i dont know how to approach him. We would hang out a lot but he is not very affectionate i mean i dont really know what he wants from me. He came from a small town dolj. So is there a difference with those men that came from the big cities and small ones? He seems really nice and such a gentleman. Comment by Anj — November 15, 9: I must say that reading these stories is like reading my own.

    I recently broke up with a Romanian man and it has been the most intense relationship of my life. He is still living in my house, renting a room, and I am still very much in love with him. When we first met he was charming, romantic, intelligent, worldly, and just seemed perfect. He is quite a bit older than I am but I never felt as though the age difference was a big deal.

    After abut 6 moths things began changing. He would yell a lot and can be quite intimidating. He hit me a couple times in the beginning but that stopped and never happened again after I moved out of our house. I will say that I have made my share of mistakes. The major ones were I lied to him about my new house and landlord and called the cops and got him arrested after he had dumped a beer on my head while we were both drunk and fighting.

    I am not the best housekeeper and a bit of a free-spirit and that infuriates him. He rides me about my weight every chance he gets and I have lost weight since we met but he has gained probably fifty pounds. As far as the laziness goes, he has been out of work for quite a while and when I would get home from work he would expect me to cook and clean for him.

    To some it up he has some very bad qualities… drinks too much, smokes too much, bad temper, very critical, very dominating, and extremely closed minded. I also fear that he may have cheated on me although he swears he has never even talked to another girl with bad intentions since we met. But he is also funny, intelligent, can be very sweet when he wants, generous, strong, can cook, and I find him very attractive. I have never tolerated this from anyone before and never thought I would.

    He just has this magic and all I have to do is look at him smiling at me and my heart melts. We were supposed to get married and move to Romania to start a family. Travelers tend to do well when it comes to getting dates in Romania. Foreigners, both men and women are regarded as exotic and likely to have plenty of money, making them the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend. There is no such thing as dating in Romania. If you go out a second and third time, you can consider yourself together.

    Then you forget the 3 day rule or even the neurotic New York 7 day rule and call the very next day. Any foreigner that has visited Romania will tell you one thing: Romania has beautiful women. Brought up in a culture where to be a wife is a good in itself, many Romanian women find it hard to be without a boyfriend and will go from guy to guy, without ever finding out who they are in between.